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Mosaic competes in a global industry that is rapidly changing, creating a dynamic and challenging outlook. We have made significant capital investments and established important joint ventures that will help drive future growth and create exciting opportunities for employees.

$5 Billion Capital Expansion in Saskatchewan
New or expanded mines in Canada will make possible an increase in Mosaic potash production, further solidifying its global market position

Building on a Competitive Advantage
Mosaic is a low cost potash and phosphates producer, and we’re committed to maintaining this status. We achieve productivity gains and cost reduction through vertically integrated manufacturing, continuous improvement and integrated business planning processes and systems.

Bayovar Joint Venture
For the past 3 years, a joint venture in Peru has supplemented Mosaic’s supply of phosphate rock, contributing to record phosphate sales over this period and adding to Mosaic’s dominant market share in North America.

Saudi Arabia Joint Venture
Mosaic recently formed a joint venture in Saudi Arabia for the production of phosphate fertilizers. This venture provides a significant new source of phosphate products for Mosaic with improved access to key International markets.

Mosaic has developed “performance” crop nutrient products that are unique in the marketplace and which provide improved crop yields and other advantages for farmers. Additional new products are under development and product innovation will continue to drive Mosaic’s future growth.

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