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Global Industry Leader
Mosaic is the largest producer of potash and phosphate fertilizers in the world.

Vital Mission
Mosaic helps the world grow the food it needs.

Financial Strength and Growth
Mosaic is a Fortune 500 Company with a record of strong profitability and reinvestment for future business growth.

Investing in People
Mosaic believes its continued success is dependent on the strength and well-being of its employees. We are committed to providing safe working conditions, learning and development, compensation programs and benefit programs.

Environmental Steward
Mosaic commits significant resources to advancing the science of land reclamation, water conservation and clean, electrical cogeneration from the recovery of waste heat in our operations. We’re also committed to the responsible use of our products to mitigate potentially negative environmental impacts stemming from improper use.

Active Community Supporter
In 2018, combined contributions by The Mosaic Company, The Mosaic Company Foundation and The Mosaic Institute in Brazil through philanthropic funding, employee engagement and in-kind donations totaled approximately $12 million.

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