September 19, 2016 Report
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September 19, 2016 Report

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On September 16, we informed the community that Mosaic is offering free, third-party testing of their drinking water well upon request. To date, we have received 70 requests, and they are being prioritized based on their proximity to the New Wales facility.

Environmental Consulting & Technology, Inc. (ECT) will collect the well samples. More information about ECT can be found at:

While monitoring indicates the water from the gyp stack has remained on site, ECT will have the wells tested for minerals indicative of water from the gyp stack. Most results will be available within a few days of sample collection.

Mosaic also is offering free bottled water to those who request it, until they receive confirmation that their well water has not been impacted by the water from the gyp stack.

Municipal systems are not included as part of the sampling that ECT will perform. Unlike private wells, municipal water systems already undergo frequent sampling pursuant to state or federal regulations.

Community members who are interested in testing or bottled water may call 813-500-6575 .