December 1, 2016 Report
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December 1, 2016 Report

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Well-Testing and Bottled Water Update

Mosaic Fertilizer’s response to the sinkhole remains the company’s highest priority. We have been providing well water testing to concerned citizens through Environmental Consulting and Technology (ECT). To date, results from more than 1,200 private wells tested confirm that the water lost due to the sinkhole remains on Mosaic’s property and there have been no off-site impacts. In addition, we continue to recover groundwater from the Floridan aquifer and sample the extensive groundwater monitoring network at the New Wales facility.

In October, Mosaic Fertilizer signed a comprehensive consent order with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) to address the sinkhole. The consent order is posted on their website. Starting today, to align with the standards of the consent order, and when requested, we will sample drinking water wells in the community within a four mile radius of the sinkhole. For those within the radius who have previously been sampled, no action is needed to remain in the sampling program.

Also effective today, Mosaic Fertilizer is making changes to our bottled water delivery efforts, consistent with our offer to make water available while well test results are pending.

In the days following the New Wales sinkhole, in addition to offering the testing described above, Mosaic Fertilizer offered community members free bottled water. We did this to be a good neighbor and to provide peace of mind to those who may have had concerns. Even after test results were provided, we have continued to deliver bottled water to many community members.

Two changes are underway. First, for community members who have been informed by ECT that their test results are within drinking water standards, we have ended water delivery. Second, for community members who have been informed by ECT that their drinking water does not meet one or more drinking water standards, even though these results are not related to the sinkhole, we will continue to provide bottled water until December 30.

New Wales Community Well Sampling Progress as of 12/1/16

This map provides an at-a-glance view of community well sampling progress associated with the water loss incident (WLI) at New Wales. Per the legend:

  • Blue dots are representative of individuals and/or households who have requested well tests.
  • Green dots signify well test results that show no impacts from the New Wales WLI.
  • Purple dots stand for well test results that show no impacts from the New Wales WLI, but not all results meet quality standards; one well beyond range not shown.
  • To date, well tests show no impacts from Mosaic.

Well tests by ECT, the third party company coordinating and collecting samples, are being performed in accordance with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection’s (FDEP) Standard Operating Procedures.

Well Testing Update

As of today, Mosaic has received 1,395 well water test requests. Environmental Consulting & Technology, Inc. (ECT) is prioritizing testing based on neighbor’s proximity to the New Wales facility. Neighbors who have requested an alternative means of testing are encouraged to receive a water test at no cost from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP).

Testing and Bottled Water Requests as of December 1, 2016

As of 12:00 pm

Scheduled 3rd party well tests 1,395
Site visits/samples taken 1,329
Expected site visits today* 7
Total number of bottled water deliveries 1,452
Total number of households requesting bottled water 829
Total number of households requesting bottled water in November 249

*Plans could change based on residents’ availability or inclement weather.