December 9, 2016 Report
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December 9, 2016 Report

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Remediation Update #4

This post focuses on some of the work completed at the gypstack, and future drilling and grouting activities.

Earthwork and Construction
The work pad and access ramp are 80% and 95% complete, respectively. Construction of the work pad and access ramp should be finished over the next 10 days. The pictures below show the significant amount of material that’s been moved and compacted to build a foundation that can support heavy machinery.

Onsite Monitoring and Recovery Wells
The P4 recovery well is averaging more than 3,500 gallons of water recovery per minute. Mosaic is installing two additional recovery wells to further optimize the recovery of impacted water. Mosaic enhanced onsite groundwater monitoring by increasing the testing frequency of existing wells and constructing four additional onsite monitoring wells in the Floridan aquifer. The New Wales facility now has 85 monitoring wells tapping all three aquifer systems.

Drilling and Grouting
The final Corrective Action and Grouting Plan was submitted to DEP on December 8, 2016. Among other things, Mosaic plans to drill 40 to 50 holes to pump high pressure grout to seal the base of the sinkhole. The targeted completion date for grouting is before summer 2017.