December 14, 2016 Report
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December 14, 2016 Report

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Remediation Update #5

This post focuses on monitoring and recovery well operations, and near-term drilling and grouting preparations.

Monitoring and Recovery Well Operations
Mosaic Fertilizer recently completed installing four new monitoring wells in the Floridan aquifer at the New Wales facility. They show no impacts from the sinkhole.

In the days following the sinkhole formation, Mosaic mobilized to activate an existing onsite recovery well (P-4) that is located to the northwest. Since activation, the P-4 well has recovered water lost due to the sinkhole. In connection with our continuing review of our groundwater zone of capture, Mosaic is installing an additional recovery well (P-4B) located directly west of the sinkhole. This well is located directly in line with the westerly direction of groundwater flow. Once installed, P-4B will be activated as the main recovery well, and P-4 will then serve as a standby recovery well that would be re-activated if necessary.

As agreed to in the consent order, Mosaic is also on track for installing a third recovery well (P-5) that will be located about a half mile west of P-4 and P-4B. P-5 will provide additional recovery capacity if needed.

Continuing review of the results from our extensive system of recovery and monitoring wells onsite is a critical aspect of the consent order and is consistent with our long-term commitment to keep water onsite and recover it.

Drilling and Grouting
The drilling and grouting contractor started mobilizing to New Wales today. During the three week mobilization period, the batch plant where the grout will be mixed before it is injected will be assembled and tested, among other activities.