January 13, 2017 Report
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January 13, 2017 Report

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Safety is an Integral Part of Remediation

At Mosaic Fertilizer, we believe employee safety is a core value. In fact, we have an ambitious vision: the relentless pursuit of an injury-free workplace. Because of our commitment to safety, we have a strong safety culture and a strong safety record.

All job sites have their own unique hazards and risks, and working to remediate the sinkhole while conducting routine operations adds additional complexity to the jobsite. The heightened amount of activity at the facility warrants an even greater emphasis on safety.


Early on, we established a safe zone around the sinkhole to specify a perimeter for personnel and equipment. The perimeter allows Mosaic Fertilizer employees and its contractors to work near the sinkhole safely.

Our new access roads from the base to the top of the gypstack integrate safety features. They are equipped with various traffic caution signs, and have been built wide enough and strong enough to support vehicle traffic and heavy equipment.

We recently installed sensing equipment to monitor movements or vibrations in and around the gypstack, if they were to occur.

And we’re making new investments in technology to protect our teams against certain weather risks. We’re installing a new detection system to provide earlier notice when lightning is in the area.

Personnel Safety

We have established detailed safety standards, like wearing reflective and protective equipment. These standards are in addition to any general safety standards that our contractors bring to a worksite.

Activities on the gypstack are subject to a Job Safety Analysis (JSA). The JSAs outline the hazards involved with those tasks and specify steps to mitigate those hazards.

As part of our focus on safety, we have emergency response protocols and train our teams to use them.

Finally, safety is not a one person job. We all have a responsibility to look out for one another. We have procedures to stop work in the event that unsafe events or practices are observed.

The sustainability of every organization begins with the health and safety of its people. We will continue to remediate the sinkhole with safety as a core consideration.