January 6, 2017 Report
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January 6, 2017 Report

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Remediation Update #7

This post focuses on grouting preparations and the management of recovered water.

Batch Plant
Assembly of the onsite batch plant, where grout will be produced before being injected, is nearly complete. The colored mounds shown are raw materials, including sand and pea gravel, which will be used as ingredients to prepare the grout. The equipment will be tested to ensure the grout meets specifications before grout injection begins.

Management of Recovered Water
Mosaic Fertilizer is undertaking additional steps to manage recovered water from the sinkhole, including the construction of a system to treat recovered water. The first phase of the treatment system was commissioned in late December and the second phase is expected to be complete in February 2017. The system treats impacted water collected from the recovery well by ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis. The system operation will complement Mosaic Fertilizer’s existing water management practices. Water recovered or treated may be put into productive use or routed to our onsite water management system, after which it may be directed to our permitted outfall. Our discharge has been and remains subject to rigorous water quality standards as described in our discharge permit.