January 26, 2017 Report
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January 26, 2017 Report

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Your Questions and Our Answers

Questions from the community are very important to us. Mosaic Fertilizer will be using the New Wales web page to answer frequently asked questions.

Q: Neighbors are asking Mosaic Fertilizer why we believe there has been no offsite impacts from the sinkhole, even when anomalous results have been found in private water wells.

A: Onsite at New Wales, we have an extensive network of 85 wells tapping all three aquifer systems. We are monitoring wells within that network for constituents and parameters that are indicative of the process water that was lost as a result of the sinkhole. To date and as expected by our consultants, we have observed impacts only in the onsite recovery well.

Offsite, ECT has sampled and analyzed more than 1,300 drinking water wells in the community. Of those samples, some did not meet EPA standards but for reasons unrelated to the sinkhole. Florida DEP independently is conducting testing and looking for the same constituents and parameters. They too have concluded there are no impacts from the sinkhole to those wells.