January 30, 2017 Report
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January 30, 2017 Report

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January 30, 2017 Report

Defining the Terms – Constituents

This series will further explain some of the technical terms used in our remediation posts.

This post defines the term: constituent, which we often use when referring to samples of groundwater that are collected.

Did you know the water you drink - whether it comes from a bottle, faucet, well or natural spring - contains low levels of dissolved substances, or what we call constituents?

When ECT tests private drinking water wells, they are measuring certain constituents in the groundwater. The process water lost as a result of the sinkhole is associated with elevated levels of these constituents. Because of that, we use these tests to evaluate whether water has been impacted by the sinkhole.

To date, ECT has arranged for the sampling and analysis of water from more than 1,300 drinking water wells in the community, with all results indicating no impact from the sinkhole. Florida DEP independently is conducting testing and looking for the same constituents. They too have concluded there are no impacts from the sinkhole to those wells.