February 9, 2017 Report
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February 9, 2017 Report

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Defining the Terms – Gypstack

This series will further explain some of the technical terms used in our remediation posts.

This post defines the term: gypstack, which we often use when referring to Mosaic Fertilizer’s manufacturing operations.

Phosphogypsum (primarily calcium sulfate) is a byproduct of the fertilizer manufacturing process that is created when the phosphate rock we mine is combined with sulfuric acid to form phosphoric acid and phosphogypsum. The term gypstack refers to a stack where phosphogypsum is stored.

Gypstacks are engineered features and are highly regulated. Federal regulations require phosphogypsum to be stored in stacks because of naturally occurring radionuclides in the mined phosphate rock. The Florida Department of Environmental Protection has developed stringent standards regarding the design, operation, maintenance, closure and long-term care of gypstacks.