March 15, 2017 Report
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March 15, 2017 Report

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Defining the Terms – Grout

This series will further explain some of the technical terms used in our remediation posts.

This post defines the term: grout, which we use when referring to sinkhole repairs.

Mosaic Fertilizer is drilling angled holes to inject grout that will ultimately repair the sinkhole. Grout mix is a concrete-like material made onsite at New Wales which includes cement, two types of sand and pea gravel.

Currently, Mosaic Fertilizer plans to produce four different grout mixes. Like a recipe in a cookbook, grout must be made with the right amount of each material to achieve the right properties. For example, grout mix previously used to stabilize the upper cavity has different specifications than the grout mix that will be used during the deeper grouting to repair the sinkhole.

In support of these efforts, Mosaic Fertilizer commissioned the onsite batch plant in January 2017. Once the plant was operational, trial mixes (test batches of grout mix) were produced until they met the project specifications.

After the grout is prepared, water and clay are added for lubrication. It is then loaded into a concrete truck where it is mixed for use.