April 14, 2017 Report
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April 14, 2017 Report

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April 14, 2017 Report

Partner Spotlight: Ardaman & Associates, Inc.

Several contractors and consultants are bringing specialized skills and expertise to help Mosaic Fertilizer repair the sinkhole. This partner spotlight series will highlight those firms and their efforts.

Repairing the sinkhole is a unique, complicated effort which requires specialized skills and expertise to complete it safely, effectively and efficiently. Ardaman & Associates, a geotechnical engineering consultancy, has a long history working on projects in the phosphate industry in Florida, making it especially suited to help Mosaic Fertilizer repair the sinkhole.

For almost 60 years, Ardaman has provided engineering services to the industry around the world, and worked on more than 70 gypstack projects on six continents.

Ardaman professionals are working alongside Mosaic Fertilizer to evaluate, design and implement many of the steps underway to aid in repairing the sinkhole. For example, they reviewed LiDAR and other survey data collected to define the extent of the cavity and assess the drilling and grouting efforts. Ardaman has also defined the safety perimeter and supported the installation of monitoring instrumentation in the gypstack.

Beyond its role in responding to the sinkhole, Ardaman helps design gypstacks and develops water management plans for these systems.

Ardaman is viewed by the industry and by regulators as a leading engineering resource working in the phosphate industry. In fact, its senior consultants have been appointed by the State of Florida to serve on the Technical Advisory Committees that assisted the FDEP in developing the Florida Administrative Code rules pertaining to the design and operation of gypstacks and related features.