April 21, 2017 Report
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April 21, 2017 Report

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April 21, 2017 Report

Partner Spotlight: Moretrench

Several contractors and consultants are bringing specialized skills and expertise to help Mosaic Fertilizer repair the sinkhole. This partner spotlight series will highlight those firms and their efforts.

Moretrench, a leading geotechnical and construction company, has nearly 20 years’ experience supporting gypstack operations at New Wales, making it well-positioned to help as we repair the sinkhole. Moretrench is based in Florida, and has more than six employees onsite at New Wales.

During the sinkhole repair process, the Moretrench team has helped Mosaic Fertilizer analyze, design, and implement solutions to complex challenges. Among other things, Moretrench was instrumental in constructing a system to place LIDAR and other survey equipment in the sinkhole. They also built the work pad on and access roads to the gypstack, which allowed us to deploy a host of large and heavy, specialty equipment. Through those efforts, we moved more than 700,000 cubic yards of material.

Through its 120 year history, Moretrench has earned a strong reputation in the civil, environmental, construction and geotechnical engineering communities for its emphasis on safety, innovation and service. We are pleased to have them on the team.