May 4, 2017 Report
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May 4, 2017 Report

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May 4, 2017 Report

New Wales Sinkhole Progress Update

Mosaic Fertilizer is committed to providing regular updates to the community on our progress in repairing the New Wales sinkhole. Since repairs began last fall, we have placed over 11,000 cubic yards of specially formulated concrete grout into the sinkhole cavity as part of the initial stabilization phase. Starting in February, we began to drill deep angled holes into the confining layer around the base of the sinkhole and inject cement grout to re-establish the confining layer under the gypsum stack.

The grouting is working as intended. Piezometer readings are now showing increases in water levels indicating that we are successfully plugging the confining layer. Those results confirm that we are using the right approach for the repairs. We have made substantial progress on sealing the confining layer, which is a significant milestone. Our grouting efforts will continue, as we work to reinforce the confining layer and complete the rest of the repairs.

Given the nature of the work, the angled drilling has proceeded more gradually than initially planned. More time has been needed to fully drill each hole, but we continue to make progress towards the mid-June target for completion of essential grouting activities. Though it is possible that supplemental grouting may continue after that date, we are working diligently to complete the project and are confident that the ongoing work will seal and restore the confining layer. Then, activities will be exclusively focused on rebuilding the base of the gypsum stack above the restored confining layer.

We have implemented measures to expedite completion of the repairs and will continue to look for opportunities to gain time on the schedule. Our priorities remain maintaining a safe work environment, completing the sinkhole and the confining layer repairs in a thorough and effective manner, and recovering the process water that was lost. We will continue to communicate our progress on the repairs and will provide a further update on the schedule in about a month.

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