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The Mosaic Coastal Education Center at Fiddler's Cove, named after the fiddler crabs that live and thrive along the site's shoreline, is an outdoor classroom providing an unforgettable educational experience for Hillsborough and Manatee County fourth graders.

Through hands-on interactions, participants gain understanding of the importance of the Bay to our community, and how they can protect and manage the environment. Additionally, students learn about the important balance between the environment and industry.

How We Started

The Mosaic Citizen’s Advisory Committee, a committed team of Hillsborough County educators, environmentalists, local citizens and Mosaic employees, worked for three years to create the Center’s activities. A seven-chapter curriculum which focuses on environmental education, “Where the River Meets the Bay,” was created and approved by Hillsborough County Schools.

Mosaic employees, trained in the program’s specifics, volunteer and work with teachers and students when they visit Fiddler’s Cove.

During a Typical Day, Students Will:

  • Participate in a nature hike and crab hunt
  • Conduct water testing and seine netting
  • See nature up close with field microscopes
  • Enjoy bird watching estuarine species
  • Identify mangroves and their habitats

Remembering A Hero

The Alafia Banks Bird Sanctuary was renamed the Richard T. Paul Boardwalk and Sanctuary in honor of Paul, a longtime Mosaic advisor.

Richard T. Paul was a dedicated Audubon manager and one of the original members of the Mosaic Education Center team. Throughout his life, he passionately protected the islands and the wildlife associated with the sanctuary.

Where We Are

Fiddler's Cove is situated on Mosaic's South Parcel property (42 acres of conservation easement) – at the mouth of the Alafia River and Tampa Bay in Riverview.

The Richard T. Paul Boardwalk and Sanctuary is owned by Mosaic and located immediately west of Fiddler's Cove. It has been maintained by Audubon of Florida for several decades.

These areas are not open to the public. To request more information please contact and

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