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Fertilizer production is an energy-intensive process, but Mosaic is constantly striving to reduce our energy use and emissions. In fact, we have a target to reduce our total energy use by 10 percent per tonne of finished product by 2020.

A significant portion of our Phosphates segment’s electricity requirements are satisfied through internal generation of electricity in a process called cogeneration. This process of heat recovery allows several of our plants and mines to significantly reduce the amount of third-party, primarily fossil-fuel based, electricity required from utility companies.

The cogeneration process begins at our manufacturing operations, where we use sulfuric acid to liberate crop nutrients (phosphorous) from raw material inputs. This process generates a significant amount of waste heat that is recovered and converted to steam by bottoming cycle combined heat and power systems. This steam is sent to turbine generators and converted to virtually greenhouse gas emissions-free electricity that powers our manufacturing facilities and mines. In instances when we generate more clean cogenerated energy than we can use at our own operations, the excess is exported to the local grid.

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