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Sharing our Mine-to-Market Story


As the world’s population grows, so does the need for more efficient and productive ways to grow the food we eat. At first glance, phosphate rock may seem an unlikely key to the food production chain. But in reality, essential crop nutrients — like phosphate mined and manufactured by Mosaic in Florida — are responsible for 40-60 percent of the crop yields farmers produce in North America and worldwide.*

At the center of our mine-to-market story is a commitment to sustainable practices that minimize environmental impacts and maximize efficiencies. We carefully mine and manufacture phosphate rock found beneath the ground in a unique geographic region of Central Florida called the Bone Valley that was once an ancient seabed.

As our world population keeps growing and our farmland continues to shrink, Mosaic seizes every opportunity to partner with farmers to grow more abundant, nutritious and affordable crops. We’re working hard to promote nutrient stewardship and balanced soil fertility, which helps put food on the table for all of us.

We have developed a series of Mine-To-Market print ads for readers of our local publications. View our print ads.

*Source:  Agronomy Journal

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