Mosaic Florida Phosphate Operations: Mining and Manufacturing
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Phosphate Operations in Florida

Phosphate nutrients play an essential role in meeting the needs of a growing world. Here in Florida, 90 percent of the phosphate mined becomes fertilizer. That's why there's such an overwhelming need to continue phosphate mining - and why Mosaic's Florida phosphate operations are so vital to our future. Phosphate is also an essential component of all living things – and is used in a variety of consumer products. 

Central Florida's "Bone Valley" stretches from Polk County southward through portions of Hillsborough, Manatee, Hardee, and DeSoto counties.  Mosaic operates four phosphate mines and four fertilizer manufacturing facilities in Central Florida and the Tampa Bay region that can be located on our global presence map.

Before any phosphate mining begins, exhaustive planning and approval processes are in place to protect air, water, ecology, transportation, safety and other environmental, health and public welfare considerations. All potential impacts must be reviewed and permitted by the local, state and federal agencies and safeguards implemented to minimize or mitigate risk.