Phosphate Land Reclamation
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Phosphate Reclamation Brochure

Mosaic is a leader in developing effective methods of returning mined lands to productive uses for both wildlife and people. Our reclamation team, comprised of dozens of managers, biologists, ecologists, engineers and other professionals, is responsible for creating fully functioning post-mining landscapes.

While Florida’s phosphate industry has been working with farmers for more than a century, its employees are working here at home to create a legacy for future generations.Now you can explore these outstanding local and state parks on formerly mined land in Polk, Hillsborough, Hardee and Manatee counties.  Local residents can fish, camp, bike, jog and play while observing the abundant wildlife that make these areas their home. 

Today, the land reclamation planning process begins before any phosphate mining begins. To be approved, these plans must provide very detailed information on specific aspects like wildlife management, vegetative cover and species, topography, watersheds and land use. In fact, Mosaic reclaims thousands of acres annually and planted more than 1.2 million trees in 2015. To learn more about our compliance with local, state and national regulatory agencies, visit the Florida Department of Environmental Protection's website.

Reclamation after phosphate mining provides many opportunities for ecological restoration, in many cases leaving legacies for future generations. Greenway connectors can be established along with recreational and public use areas. And, past environmental damage unrelated to mining, such as wetland draining and filling, can also be corrected.

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