Phosphate Water Resource Protection
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Protective Water Management

Responsible use of water is a fundamental component of Mosaic’s global sustainability vision. Over the last 20 years, Mosaic’s Central Florida operations have decreased groundwater use by more than 50 percent. Today, Mosaic recycles or reuses approximately 90 percent of the water at its Florida phosphate facilities. While this is great progress, we will continue to seek ways to reduce our water usage and preserve vital natural resources.

As Mosaic mines the phosphate needed to grow the world's food supply, we make sure the area's water supply is safeguarded as well. Mosaic monitors the water in nearby creeks and rivers and adheres to standards set by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection. Any water that leaves our sites must meet Florida's water quality standards. We take these responsibilities seriously - for our families as well as yours. 

Water Resources

Copies of  Horse Creek Stewardship Program reports and Peace River Monitoring Program reports may be available upon request to

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