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October 17, 2014| Investors

Mosaic Announces Quarterly Dividend Of $0.25 Per Share

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February 28, 2014 | Products and Sales

Grand Opening of Mosaic’s Candeias Plant in Brazil
Mosaic’s focus to better address the increasing global demand of agricultural resources has sparked growth in countries around the world. In Brazil, Mosaic recently celebrated the grand opening of its expanded Candeias plant in the state of Bahia...Read Full Article

July 09, 2014 | Sustainability

Reducing Our Carbon Footprint at Mosaic's Operations
Your carbon footprint is defined as the greenhouse gases you emit annually. It’s not just the fuel you burn to heat your home or drive your car. It’s also the products and services you buy, the electricity you use, and emissions from power plants ......Read Full Article

August 07, 2014 | Community

Connecting with Employees & Neighbors at Queen City Ex
Attracting nearly 200,000 attendees each year, Regina’s Queen City Ex festival is one of the most anticipated celebrations of the year....Read Full Article

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