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Mosaic Facts

  • Mosaic is the world’s largest combined producer of potash and phosphates, two vital plant nutrients The world needs us: population is growing fast, and farmland is not. That means farmers have to generate more food from every acre, and our crop nutrients are essential to their quest.
  • We have 8,900 people working to serve agricultural customers in approximately 40 countries around the world.
  • Our largest centers of operation are in Central Florida, where we mine and process phosphates, and in Saskatchewan, where we produce potash. Our headquarters are in Plymouth, Minnesota.
  • We’re investing billions of dollars to expand our mining and production capacities.
  • We’ve been a publicly traded company since 2004, and today we are in the top 250 companies in the Fortune 500.
  • We’re responsible corporate citizens. We keep our promises from mine to market.

Facts & Figures

Employees: 8,900

Annual potash capacity: 10.4 million tonnes

Annual phosphate capacity: 11 million tonnes

Distribution and office facilities: 8 countries

Customers: 40 countries

Community investment: $24.2 million

Direct economic impact: $1.6 billion

Potash mines and production facilities: 4

Phosphate rock mines and plants: 11

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