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Phosphorus, one of three primary crop nutrients required for plant growth, is often referred to as “The Energizer” for its role in converting the sun’s energy into food, fuel and fiber. Mosaic's phosphate products, most commonly referred to as diammonium phosphate (DAP) and monommonium phosphate (MAP), are a source of phosphorus and nitrogen and provide vital crop nutrition to the global agricultural community. Mosaic’s phosphate products are created by reacting ammonia and phosphoric acid to produce a solid, granulated fertilizer. MAP and DAP can be applied directly to the soil using conventional spreading equipment. To learn more, choose a phosphate product from below.


Product Name
GHS Product Labels
Data Sheet
Diammonium Phosphate (DAP) 18-46-0 SDS GHS Product Labels Data Sheet
Monoammonium Phosphate (MAP) 11-52-0 SDS GHS Product Labels Data Sheet
Powdered MAP SDS GHS Product Labels Data Sheet