K-Mag® Standard
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K-Mag® Standard

K-Mag® STANDARD is a potassium fertilizer, also containing magnesium and sulfur, with a long legacy of proven performance. This product provides a typical SGN of 85 and is used for both direct application and as a key ingredient for many granulation facilities.

K-Mag GRANULAR offers below 2.5 percent chloride content, minimizing the potential for fertilizer "burn." This product is widely used on sensitive vegetable and fruit crops requiring high fertilizer rates. It is also used on crops that demand high potassium and magnesium inputs, yet are sensitive to chloride, such as tobacco.

Neutral in pH, K-Mag STANDARD does not contribute to additional soil acidity.  It is in the water soluble sulfate form making it a feeding site of readily available nutrients for crops. And, because of its crystalline nature, K-Mag STANDARD dissolves gradually throughout the growing season, providing a season-long source of nutrients.

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