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India NPK Statistical Update

February 3, 2017

The latest Fertilizer Association of India (FAI) statistics showed a seasonal drop in December P&K activity with most of the Rabi crop in the ground and the industry regrouping ahead of next year’s fertilizer budget and subsidy announcements. While DAP sales tend to slump during the first couple months of the calendar year, we may see an earlier return to buying this year due to lower inventories (particularly in the private importer and retail channels according to our local team), workable importer economics, and rising international prices. MOP shipments have a tendency to hold generally flat for the next couple months, but the import line-up through March will keep ports busy as buyers look to secure additional product in Q1 in light of firming MOP prices ahead of the next contract settlement.

Farmers have generally had a positive ’16/17 with a good Kharif crop and strong Rabi plantings. With a normal monsoon later this summer, the industry has high hopes for healthy 2017 fertilizer demand.

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