Our Responsibility
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Constant progress is the hallmark of Mosaic’s sustainability journey. From our earliest sustainability disclosure in 2010 to our first quantified targets in 2015, we’ve been on a path of progress – committed to engagement, transparency, accountability, and improved performance in the areas that matter most to us and our constituents.

Our latest milestone – the launch of our 2025 Environmental, Social and Governance Performance Targets – is another important step forward. Beyond driving value for our company, the 2025 targets are a vehicle for maximizing our positive impact on society. Aligned to our focus areas of People, Environment, Society and Company, the targets support our company’s broad thinking about sustainability. We believe that for our business to thrive in the long-term, we must be good stewards of the natural, human and social resources we rely upon to execute our mission to help the world grow the food it needs. It is both our responsibility and our opportunity.

We are proud of this work and what it represents for our diverse constituents, and we feel simultaneously challenged and invigorated by what lies ahead. Our targets are only one of the ways we are living responsibility as one of our strategic priorities; we encourage our stakeholders to view our 2019 sustainability disclosure for more information about our leadership in this area.

Take a look at our 2025 targets. While each target was created primarily to support one focus area, there are interconnections between all of them. We choose to focus our efforts on areas with broad reaching companywide and societal impacts.

We’re strengthening our commitment to reducing our environmental impact with bold reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and water use — in addition to a dozen other critical targets.

Employees have always played a role in our sustainability journey, and their ability to drive value for our company and maximize the positive impact we have on society has never been more clear than it is now. This video was shared with all employees to bring them along with us on this next big step. Use this resource to take an even deeper look at Mosaic’s 2025 targets.

Our Sustainability Focus Areas

We are unwavering in our focus on the safety, wellness and engagement of our employees. We host an environment that is inclusive, values diversity of people and thought, and provides opportunities for our employees to reach their potential. Mosaic is a committed steward of environmental resources, working efficiently to minimize negative impacts.

We contribute positively to the global food security challenge by producing quality crop nutrients that help farmers maximize crop yields. Mosaic maintains strong commitments to the communities where we have operations.
We act responsibly with an abiding sense of responsibility, build trusting relationships and help our constituents thrive. Our impact measurement and reporting are balanced, accurate and comparable, and drives progress on the issues that are most important to Mosaic and its constituents.

Our Commitment to the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals