Our Collaborative Culture

Mosaic delivers on its promises with a thoughtful approach to the mining, manufacturing, marketing and distribution of fertilizer worldwide.

We are committed to creating positive social, environmental and economic outcomes in the communities where we operate and on behalf of the people we serve.

We pursue our mission to help the world grow the food it needs with a cultural approach that values investment in people and encourages innovation and operational excellence. Our culture is collaborative, employee-oriented and highly customer-focused.

To ensure customer satisfaction, we maintain one of the largest in-house agronomy teams in the world. Our agronomists in 10 countries help farmers increase and sustain optimal crop yields. Our agronomy team helps us develop and sustain the customer loyalty that is critical to our continued success.

We also help customers by providing unique opportunities to learn, grow and prosper. For example, every year since 2005, Mosaic has invited more than 200 key customers to AgCollege, a premier agricultural education event that provides participants with updates on the latest developments in agronomic business.

In addition, every year Mosaic measures customer satisfaction among fertilizer importers, animal feed customers and industrial products customers. And twice a year, Mosaic measures satisfaction levels for fertilizer dealers and farmer customers on a global scale.

The customer satisfaction survey methodology is applied in each of Mosaic's markets worldwide. The final metrics for customer loyalty, called Net Promoter Score, are shared with our team and with key customers. The Net Promoter Score is a popular index that is used across a variety of industries worldwide. Because this score helps set industry standards, Mosaic uses it as a benchmark for continuous improvement.