Our History and Business Operations

Mosaic Facts

Products & Services

  • Broad range of phosphate and potash products for crop nutrition, livestock feed and industrial uses
  • Innovative specialty products such as K-Mag® and MicroEssentials®

Potash Segment Production (Fiscal 2009)

  • 11.7 million tonnes (including toll production)
  • 13% share of global production
  • 40% share of North American production

Phosphates Segment Production (Fiscal 2009)

  • 10.0 million tonnes annual capacity
  • 13% share of global production
  • 58% share of United States production

Operations & Distribution

  • Distribution facilities or sales offices in 10 countries, serving customers in over 40 countries
  • Port terminals, warehouses and blending and bagging facilities in seven countries
  • Five potash mines and production facilities and 12 phosphate rock mines and plants
  • Approximately one million tonnes of storage capacity at 24 facilities worldwide


  • Net sales: $10,298.0
  • Net earnings: $2,350.2
  • Total assets: $12,676.2
  • Total long-term debt: $1,299.8
  • Shareholders' equity: $8,493.0
  • New York Stock Exchange symbol: MOS

Offices and Leaders

  • Corporate headquarters: Plymouth, Minnesota
  • 7,500 employees worldwide
  • Chairman of the Board: Robert L. Lumpkins
  • President and CEO: James T. Prokopanko

* All amounts are for fiscal 2009 or as of May 31, 2009, in millions

When Mosaic was formed five years ago, we had a vision — to make Mosaic the world's leading producer and marketer of phosphate and potash, both vital crop nutrients. Mosaic now serves customers, including wholesalers, retail dealers and individual growers, in more than 40 countries.

Mosaic's vertically integrated operations — from the mining of resources to the production of crop nutrients, feed and industrial products — uniquely meet the needs of these diverse customers. Starting with the miners who extract the ore from the ground all the way through to the agronomists who work with farmers to apply fertilizer to get the best results, we are able to serve our customers and the world's farmers efficiently and effectively.

In addition to distribution of our potash and phosphate products through our Offshore segment, most of our distribution of potash and phosphate outside of North America is through two export associations: Canpotex Limited ("Canpotex") and the Phosphate Chemicals Export Association, Inc. ("PhosChem"), respectively. Canpotex is an export association of certain Canadian potash producers and PhosChem is an export association of certain U.S. phosphate producers.

Our Phosphates segment owns and operates ten phosphate rock mines and plants and our Potash segment owns and operates five potash mines and related refineries. We also have several offshore assets that facilitate the distribution of our products in key regions, including port terminals, warehouses and/or blending and bagging facilities in Brazil, Argentina, India, Chile, Mexico, Thailand and China. We also have phosphate production facilities in Brazil, Argentina and China. In addition, we have a 20% stake in Fosfertil S.A., the largest phosphate producer in Brazil.