Our Products and Services

Our Products and Services

Although phosphate rock and potash are used as raw materials for a wide range of applications, the most important is the production of mineral fertilizers.

Mosaic is the largest integrated phosphate producer in the world with annual capacity of more than 10 million tonnes. Mosaic mines phosphates to obtain phosphorus (P), a mineral required to convert the sun's energy, through photosynthesis, into plant food.

Based on growing global demand for food, Mosaic forecasts that global phosphate demand will increase 2% to 2.5% per year over the next decade.

In addition, Mosaic mines potash, which is made of potassium compounds and potassium-bearing materials. Potassium (K), along with nitrogen (N) and phosphorus, is one of three essential primary nutrients for plants. Potassium facilitates many essential processes to help regulate plant growth. These processes include enzyme activation, photosynthesis and starch formation.

When potassium is applied to crops, it helps build large, deep root systems, reduces water loss and increases crop yields.

Mosaic also sells specialty crop nutrition products designed to ensure a uniform distribution of nutrients and maximize fertilizer efficiency. These products include K-Mag® and MicroEssentials®. All of Mosaic's crop nutrition products are complemented by customized services, which include field mapping and soil testing, agronomic consulting and fertilizer blending innovations.

Other products include animal feed ingredients, which are designed to help improve the digestion of food, build stronger skeletal systems and enhance lean muscle growth. The result is larger, healthier livestock and poultry. Mosaic's feed ingredient products range from a new, anionic mineral supplement for dairy cows to a feed-grade potassium sulfate for use in poultry feeds.

Mosaic's industrial products are used in a variety of non-agricultural environments. For example, Mosaic's Hydrofluorosilicic Acid, also known as FSA or HFS, is used in the fluoridation of drinking water. FSA is produced during the concentration of phosphoric acid in an evaporation process unique to the phosphate industry. Mosaic's potash products are used in ice melting formulas and a variety of industrial applications.

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