Growing With Mosaic in India

Growing With Mosaic in India

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Growing With Mosaic<br />in India Growing With Mosaic
in India

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India ranks second worldwide in farm output. Yet while crop yields have grown, international comparisons indicate that average yields in India lag top global producers by 50 to 70 percent. Mosaic is dedicated to helping bring modern agricultural tools and products to more farmers in India. We realize the key to success in India depends on helping local distributors add quality fertilizer products to their portfolios. Out of its Indian headquarters in Gurgaon, Mosaic staff works with distributors to help them better understand the efficient use of fertilizers to serve India's farmers while improving their own businesses and lives.

One example is found in Rampuraphul, Punjab, India. Brothers Varesh Kumar Goyal and Parveen Kumar, third-generation partners in the family business, were posting solid revenues distributing agricultural chemicals and urea manufactured by a public-sector enterprise when one of Mosaic's predecessor companies started its distribution business in India in 2002. Impressed with their good work and the family's interest in providing a complete crop management solution from nutrition to protection, our predecessor company approached the Kumars about adding fertilizers such as K-Mag®, a Mosaic premium product, to their portfolio. Since beginning their work with our predecessor company in 2002, the Kumars have seen their business nearly quadruple. In addition to bringing modern technology to help India's farmers efficiently improve productivity, the Kumar family has become an object of respect and inspiration within their community.

Another example is Adarsh Agro Agency. Ashok Gupta and Sunil Gupta began their retail business in 1996 and soon became distributors for American Cyanamid, eventually adding Monsanto, Aventis and BASF to their portfolio. In 2002, Adarsh Agro Agency became one of our predecessor company's first customers in Baran, located in the southwestern part of the Rajasthan province. Access to Mosaic fertilizers gave them the opportunity to build a retail infrastructure in their market and further expand their relationships with other reputable agricultural companies, allowing them to increase the tools available to area farmers. Over the past seven years, they have seen revenues increase 500 percent. This growth has allowed them to build a strong in-house marketing team, as well as invest in additional shops and delivery vehicles to better serve their customers.