Supplying the Florida Aquarium with Fresh Seawater

Supplying the Florida Aquarium with Fresh Seawater

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When visitors to the Florida Aquarium in Tampa view the impressive exhibits of sea life, little do they know the journey the saltwater took to help bring those exhibits to life. Every other month, 300,000 gallons of natural salt water are delivered to the Aquarium by Mosaic in a unique partnership between the two organizations.

Mosaic barges make frequent trips past Tampa to facilities in Texas and Louisiana, using water from the Gulf of Mexico as ballast. On return trips back, the barges stop at the Florida Aquarium and transfer the natural salt water to holding tanks where it is treated and filtered for use in exhibits. Not only is this a generous donation of time and resources, it also saves the Aquarium $400,000 annually by eliminating the need to purchase fresh water and add salt and minerals. This donation also preserves high-demand fresh water supplies.

"We are extremely grateful for our friendship and partnership with Mosaic. They provide the lifeblood of the Aquarium by delivering salt water for our exhibits," said Thom Stork, president and CEO of the Florida Aquarium. "Using water from the Gulf of Mexico provides important benefits to the marine life that is housed in our tanks and reduces the amount of fresh water needed from the city."