Importance to Local Economies

Importance to Local Economies

We recognize our long-term economic impact in the communities in which we operate. In fiscal 2009, Mosaic employed approximately 7,500 people in 10 countries and paid employee benefits and wages totaling more than $570 million worldwide. The company made tax payments to governments totaling $915 million.

Our potash annual capacity of 11.7 million tonnes is one of the largest in the world. We sell about 45% of our product to North American customers and the remainder is exported to other regions around the world. Our 5.9 million tonnes of potash production in fiscal year 2009 accounted for approximately 13% of the world total. We operate mines in Saskatchewan, New Mexico and Michigan.

Mosaic is in the process of a multi-billion dollar investment in brownfield expansions in Saskatchewan to increase our annual capacity to approximately 17 million tonnes by 2020. We have an estimated 100 years of high-quality ore reserves, and we expect to be a key employer and a community presence in Saskatchewan for generations to come. Our potash operations in this province directly employ 2,100 people and will grow in the coming years. Mosaic will need to attract and retain a significant number of employees over the next decade to meet increased production.

Our Carlsbad, New Mexico potash mine is the second-largest private-sector employer in the area and the fourth-largest overall. Our Louisiana facilities employ approximately 300 and in Brazil, our more than 1,000 employees combine with our strategic investments to make us one of the largest producers and distributors of blended crop nutrients in this key agricultural market.

In Florida, we directly employ more than 3,300 people, and the phosphate industry, of which Mosaic is the largest participant, is estimated to contribute $4.3 billion annually in personal income and more than $5.8 billion annually in total economic contributions to the regional economy. Mosaic is the world's largest producer of finished phosphate products, with annual capacity of 10.0 million tonnes. Florida phosphate provides 75% of U.S. fertilizer needs and 25% of the global total.

Between our decades of phosphate reserves in Florida and the approximately 250,000 acres of land we own there, we anticipate having a presence in the state for many years to come. We recognize the impact our mining operations have and will work to ensure that Mosaic's legacy includes mined and reclaimed lands that serve a variety of valuable uses.

We recognize the importance of doing business with local suppliers. In the U.S., nearly 60% of our procurement budget is spent locally, and in Canada it is nearly 50%. In Brazil, local procurement is as high as 97.5% at our Quebracho, Brazil facility and as low as 18.9% in Cubatao.