Quality Statements and Policies

To support the company in managing our operations with discipline and sound and safe business practices, Mosaic employees follow a number of company policies, including:

Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

Mosaic's Code of Business Ethics and Conduct covers a wide range of business practices and procedures including: compliance with laws of all of the countries to which Mosaic is subject, managing business obligations with integrity, health and safety, confidentiality, maintaining good business records and avoiding conflict of interest.

Mosaic's Quality Statement

Mosaic's quality statement describes how the company will lead the industry in delivering a superior quality experience for customers, shareholders, neighbors and the environment.

Mosaic Quality Policy

Mosaic's Quality Policy focuses on leadership in nourishing crops and people, including:

  • Ensuring customers' total experience with Mosaic is the best in the industry
  • Understanding customer needs and providing products that meet or exceed those needs
  • Ensuring our products meet and or exceed established specifications
  • Continually monitoring and improving the quality of our interactions with customers, processes and products to enhance value for all customers
  • Integrating Continuous Improvement methodology into critical business processes and decision-making practices to change with the market and maintain customer expectations
  • Establishing quality requirements for suppliers, partners and contractors
  • Conducting business in accordance with Mosaic's Guiding Principles

Mosaic Safe Feed/Safe Food Policy

Mosaic's Safe Feed and Safe Food Policy explains how products should be manufactured, stored and delivered to customers in a manner complying with all applicable regulatory programs and industry best practices. Mosaic's programs are based on principles of Quality Assurance Management using Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP). These principles assure production, management, handling and delivery of our products to minimize tampering or any or other actions that could impact the quality and safety of Mosaic's products.