Managing the Impact on Local Economies

Managing the Impact on Local Economies

In the areas of our most significant mining and manufacturing operations, Mosaic is a leading private-sector employer and spends a substantial portion of the company's procurement budget with local vendors. Supporting local economies this way also helps build dialogue and collaboration at the community level — which leads to better short- and long-term relationships and improved social, economic and environmental impacts for everyone.

To help evaluate the effectiveness of Mosaic's programs and practices and better understand and manage the impacts of our business operations on the communities where we live and work, Mosaic has conducted statistically valid public opinion surveys annually for the past three years. In recent years, Mosaic has experienced a 42% net improvement in public opinion regarding our local industry and a 55% net improvement in the public's perception of our environmental stewardship.

In Florida, where mine closure and reclamation happens over a shorter timeframe, Mosaic is focused on looking to the future to support the development of vibrant, self-sustaining communities in which previously mined and reclaimed lands can play a role in long-term economic development and environmental management plans.

For example, Mosaic worked closely with the local government and economic development agency in planning the Hardee County Extension of the South Fort Meade Mine. Mosaic's mining and reclamation plans were developed with an eye toward local government plans for long-term land use in the area, and the development order that the local government issued to Mosaic includes a series of contributions from the company for infrastructure and to promote economic development for the county.

For years, we have successfully permitted our mining properties and anticipate that we will be able to continue to do so. However in Florida, local community participation has become an increasingly important factor in the permitting process for mining companies, and various local counties and other parties in Florida have in the past and continue to express potential concerns about the impacts of Mosaic's operations. We have worked proactively over the years to address the concerns of the host counties where our mining occurs and they have consistently granted us the permits we need for our business. Other parties, including non-host counties, have challenged some of our permits, and we are working proactively to address their concerns, as well.