Education Education Message

We play an active educational role in our communities. We support school programs in the communities in which we operate and we provide financial aid to organizations that provide educational opportunities.

Our Florida business works closely with several county-wide school districts. We provide support for scholarships, sponsor recognition programs such as Teacher of the Year, offer grants to schools, assist with book drives and other school activities and sponsor summer ecology camps and outdoor programs. In Carlsbad, New Mexico, our employees help with school science fairs.

In Saskatchewan, we contribute $15,000 a year to support the Adult Learning Centre. We are also a sponsor of the Agriculture in the Classroom (AITC) program, an industry-sponsored charity that helps K-12 learners increase their awareness and understanding of the importance, diversity and complexity of agriculture. AITC provides lesson plans, teacher guides, web activities, videos and other resources for teachers.

Last year, the Saskatchewan Board of Education approached Mosaic for help designing a new science curriculum, using specific industries in the province as a way to provide practical application of the subject matter. Technical representatives from Mosaic's Belle Plaine solution mine were asked to help develop a hands-on experiment for students and contribute content material for the new science textbooks, which will be introduced in the fall of 2009.

One initiative we're particularly proud of is the Mosaic Coastal Education Center, built on Florida's Tampa Bay at the Alafia River near our Riverview facility. Designed with input from our citizen advisory panel, employees, educators and environmentalists, the center at Fiddler's Cove is an outdoor classroom that provides a variety of opportunities for students to interact with nature and learn about the area's ecosystem.