Health & Safety

Health & Safety

At Mosaic, it is our vision to be recognized globally as the best crop nutrition company by 2012. Achieving the highest levels of health and safety performance is critical to building and sustaining a world-class organization. We are committed to relentlessly pursuing an injury-free, healthy workplace. Our vision for safety is aligned with our value of excellence, and we strive to conduct our business activities in a manner that protects the health and safety of our employees, contractors, customers and communities.

Progress has been made on the journey towards an injury free workplace, but we are far from achieving our objective. We and our employees know too well the tragic and far-reaching consequences that come from serious injuries and fatalities at our facilities. The organization is committed to accelerating safety improvements through a strong safety culture underpinned by world-class enabling systems.

Mosaic implements safety policies throughout our global enterprise that are consistent with those adopted by the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and Mining Health and Safety Administration (MSHA) or with the local requirements, whichever are more protective. We require our employees and contractors who work in an operating unit to complete all appropriate training classes, based on work environment. We also maintain an Employee Health & Safety (EH&S) audit program to monitor compliance with our safety policies and procedures.

Over the last several years we have conducted reviews of our safety management system and culture to better understand how we can achieve world-class performance. As part of our review, Mosaic's Senior Leadership Team and senior employees undertook 360-degree feedback on their safety leadership, addressing strengths and gaps. We have hired a new executive vice president of operations whose focus includes improving safety performance and ensuring that safety is a part of every employee's mindset, whether on the job or at home.

We also believe employees should be empowered to make safety-related decisions. We offer a toll-free hotline, MY SAFE WORKPLACE, which employees may call anonymously to report unsafe work conditions.

In 2008, as part of our effort to enlist the support of our contractors in safety matters, we initiated the Mosaic Contractor Safety Recognition Luncheon as an annual event to recognize contractors who exemplify the company's commitment to safety and the pursuit of an injury-free workplace. This year we recognized sixty contractors from our Florida operations.

Mosaic implements safety policies throughout our global enterprise that are consistent with those adopted by OSHA and MSHA or with the local requirements, whichever are more protective.

During 2009, Mosaic began to seamlessly integrate outside contractor safety performance into our overall safety goals. While we have always tracked our contractors' safety performance, we have now begun the rigorous process of including them in our efforts to achieve best-in-class safety performance. We are committed to holding each other accountable for leading and acting in ways that will keep everyone at our operations and offices safe.

Our focus on safety extends beyond our facilities and into the community. Mosaic is a founding sponsor of Safe Saskatchewan, a public-private provincial initiative with the objective of achieving a continuous reduction in the number of unintentional injuries in Saskatchewan. The goal is to make people aware that all injuries are predictable and preventable.