Our Commitment to Sustainability:
CEO Message
Mosaic's third Sustainability Report takes stock of our progress, opportunities and goals, and I am confident that our mission to help the world grow the food it needs is attainable with an ever-improving focus on sustainability.
Krishi Jyoti: Mosaic Villages Project India
Krishi Jyoti means "enlightened agriculture" and brings modern agricultural inputs and practices to farmers with the objective of improving the productivity of their fields.
For Generations to Come:
Mosaic's Commitment to the Land
Mosaic reclaims every acre we mine and leads the industry in returning mined land to productive uses, for wildlife and people. And we want our reclamations to be valued by future generations.
4Rs Nutrient Stewardship: The Nexus of Food and Water
With the right nutrient management, crop yields can increase without an environmental compromise. The 4R's are about doing everything "right" in regard to fertilizer application and effectively reducing agriculture's potential for negative externalities.
Safety: The Bottom Line is People
Mosaic's focus on environmental health and safety is first and foremost in any decision we make. Our culture of safety is something that we pride ourselves on. It's a culture of helping each other ensure that intervene where necessary to protect people and sustain our performance.

Strategy and Profile

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Governance, Commitments and Engagement
Governance Structure of the Organization, Including Committees
Number of Members of the Highest Governance Body
Mechanisms for Shareholders and Employees to Provide Recommendations or Direction to the Highest Governance Body
Linkage between Compensation of Member of Governance Bodies and Organization's Performance
Processes for the Governance Body to Avoid Conflicts of Interest
Process for Determining the Qualifications and Expertise of Members of the Governance Bodies
Mission Statements, Codes of Conduct and Principles
Procedures for Overseeing the Organization's Identification and Management of ESG Performance
Process for Evaluating the Highest Governance Body's Performance
Explanation of Whether and How the Precautionary Approach or Principle Is Addressed by the Organization
Externally Developed Economic, Environmental and Social Charters, Principles to Which the Organization Subscribes or Endorses
Memberships in Associations in Which the Organization has Positions in Governance Bodies, Participates in Projects or Committees or Provides Substantive Funding Beyond Routine Membership Dues
List Stakeholder Groups Engaged by the Organization
Basis for Identification and Selection of Stakeholders with whom to Engage
Approaches to Stakeholder Engagement
Key Topics and Concerns That Have Been Raised Through Stakeholder Engagement, and How the Organization Has Responded to Those Key Topics and Concerns Including Through Its Reporting


DMA: Disclosure of Management Approach

Human Rights

DMA: Disclosure of Management Approach


DMA: Disclosure of Management Approach

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