Our Commitment to Sustainability:
CEO Message
Mosaic's third Sustainability Report takes stock of our progress, opportunities and goals, and I am confident that our mission to help the world grow the food it needs is attainable with an ever-improving focus on sustainability.
Krishi Jyoti: Mosaic Villages Project India
Krishi Jyoti means "enlightened agriculture" and brings modern agricultural inputs and practices to farmers with the objective of improving the productivity of their fields.
For Generations to Come:
Mosaic's Commitment to the Land
Mosaic reclaims every acre we mine and leads the industry in returning mined land to productive uses, for wildlife and people. And we want our reclamations to be valued by future generations.
4Rs Nutrient Stewardship: The Nexus of Food and Water
With the right nutrient management, crop yields can increase without an environmental compromise. The 4R's are about doing everything "right" in regard to fertilizer application and effectively reducing agriculture's potential for negative externalities.
Safety: The Bottom Line is People
Mosaic's focus on environmental health and safety is first and foremost in any decision we make. Our culture of safety is something that we pride ourselves on. It's a culture of helping each other ensure that intervene where necessary to protect people and sustain our performance.



Total Workforce by Employment Type, Employment Contract and Region, Broken Down by Gender

Workforce by Employment Type, Region and Gender
FT Salary* FT Hourly* PT** Total
Male Female Male Female Male Female Male Female
U.S. 1315 490 2475 187 2 3790 679
Canada 499 182 1362 112 4 2 1865 296
South America 469 174 427 33 896 207
Asia/Pacific 116 52 36 4 1 5 153 61
Totals 3297 4636 14 7947
Notes: (*) Includes active and LOA.
(**) Defined as less than 35 hours per week.
Mosaic does not track individual contract worker counts or demographics.
19% of Mosaic's total workforce is female


Total Number and Rate of Employee Turnover by Age Group, Gender and Region

Employees by Age Group 2011
<30 30-50 >50 Totals
Male Female Male Female Male Female Male Female
U.S. 292 63 1477 318 2021 298 3790 679
Canada 309 69 949 171 607 56 1865 296
South America 268 72 552 126 76 9 896 207
Asia/Pacific 49 18 99 40 5 3 153 61
Subtotals 918 222 3077 655 2709 366 6704 1243
Totals 1140 3732 3075 7947
New Hires by Age Group 2011
<30 30-50 >50 Totals
Male Female Male Female Male Female Male Female
U.S. 121 37 146 49 45 7 312 93
Canada 162 68 147 32 18 6 327 106
South America 12 8 9 3 21 11
Asia/Pacific 17 4 13 3 30 7
Totals 429 402 76 907
Notes: 24% of new hires were female
In the United States, 26% of new hires were minorities
Employee Turnover by Age Group 2011
<30 30-50
Count Male Rate Male Count Female Rate Female Total Rate <30 Count Male Rate Male Count Female Rate Female Total Rate <30
U.S. 48 16% 15 24% 18% 80 5% 22 7% 6%
Canada 58 19% 43 62% 27% 37 4% 7 4% 4%
South America 165 62% 25 35% 56% 236 43% 19 15% 38%
Asia/Pacific 11 22% 3 17% 21% 9 9% 4 10% 9%
Totals 282 31% 86 39% 32% 362 12% 52 8% 11%
>50 Totals
Count Male Rate Male Count Female Rate Female Total Rate <30 Count Male Rate Male Count Female Rate Female Total Rate <30
U.S. 161 8% 27 9% 8% 289 8% 64 9% 8%
Canada 50 8% 3 5% 8% 145 8% 53 18% 9%
South America 34 45% 1 11% 41% 435 49% 45 22% 44%
Asia/Pacific 1 20% 0% 13% 21 14% 7 11% 13%
Totals 246 9% 31 8% 9% 890 13% 169 14% 13%
Note: Definition of Turnover - Any full time; non contract employee that left the company for any reason.


Benefits Provided to Full-Time Employees that are Not Provided to Temporary or Part-Time Employees, by Significant Locations of Operation

Employee Benefits
Type of Benefit North America South America Asia/Pacific
Health Care Yes Yes Yes
Life Insurance Yes Yes Yes
AD&D Insurance Yes Yes Yes
Disability Coverage Yes Yes Yes
Employee Assistance Program Yes No No
Pension Plan Yes Yes No
Savings Plan-defined Benefit Yes Yes No
Maternity Leave Yes Yes Yes
Paternity Leave Yes Yes Yes
Sickness Leave Yes Yes Yes
Deferred Bonus & Deferred Pay Yes No No
Long-term Incentives Yes Yes Yes
Annual Profit Sharing Yes Yes No
Stock Ownership Yes No No
Note: The above benefits are standard for the majority of full-time employees and generally not available to part-time employees.


Return to Work and Retention Rates After Parental Leave, by Gender

Parental leave is offered to employees in North America, South America and Asia. Mosaic does not track retention rates of employees returning from parental leave or a leave of absence. In the U.S., parental leave rights are governed by the Family and Medical Leave Act, as well as state laws.

Labor/Management Relations


Percentage of Employees Covered by Collective Bargaining Agreements

In North America, 91% of employees are covered by collective bargaining agreements. As of the end of 2011, Mosaic had 10 collective bargaining agreements with unions covering approximately 88% of our hourly employees in the U.S. and Canada. Agreements with 10 unions covered all employees in Brazil, representing 70% of our international employees. More than one agreement may govern our relations with each of these unions. In general, the agreements are renewable on an annual basis. Mosaic also had collective bargaining agreements with unions covering employees in several other countries.

Employees Covered by Collective Bargaining Agreements
U.S. and Canada
Total non-graded employees 4158
Number represented by a Union 3765
Percentage Represented 91%
Total number of Union Agreements 10
Argentina and Brazil
Brazil Employees 919
Number represented by Union in Brazil 919
Argentina Employees 130
Number represented by Union in Argentina 34
Total Employees 1049
Total Number Represented by a Union 953
Percentage Represented 91%
Brazil Unions 14
Argentina Unions 2
Total Number of Unions 16
All International Employees
Total International Employees 1317
Number represented by a Union 953
Percentage Represented 72%
Total number of Union Agreements 16


Minimum Notice Period(s) Regarding Significant Operational Changes, Including Whether It Is Specified in Collective Agreements

Some of Mosaic's labor agreements contain provisions of advance notice periods with respect to significant operational changes that impact employees. Mosaic complies with the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) Act, a U.S. law that provides advanced notice of closing and layoffs. Mosaic also complies with state laws. In addition, Mosaic is sensitive to the needs of its employees, and much consideration is placed on applicable notice periods for any such changes that may impact employees.

Occupational Health and Safety


Percentage of Total Workforce Represented in Formal Joint Management-Worker Health and Safety Committees

All of Mosaic's hourly employees at our North American mining, production and distribution facilities are represented by joint management/employee health and safety committees that meet regularly, often at least monthly, to ensure regulatory and safety requirements are followed. These joint employee/management committees typically consist of 10 to 20 people, with employees comprising the majority of the members. These committees are a formal requirement of our union contracts in the United States and Canada at sites with union employees. Union employees are elected to the committees by their peers. In addition, there are committees at our business offices that work to promote safety both at work and at home among employees.

Similar practices are conducted at our facilities in South America. In Brazil, as dictated under federal regulation, each location has an Accident Prevention Internal Committee (CIPA) that consists of equal membership of management and employees elected by their peers. The committee receives formal safety training each year and meets monthly. The committee orchestrates a weekly employee training held each year related to accident prevention. Similarly, at our facilities in Argentina and Chile, Mosaic adheres to federal laws requiring joint management and worker health and safety committees to promote occupational health and risk prevention.


Number of Strikes and Lockouts Exceeding One Week's Duration, by Country

Mosaic has not had a strike by or lockout of its employees in facilities where Mosaic is the majority owner since our formation in 2004. However, in May 2011, our Argentine operations were affected by a nine-day commercial dispute caused by Steveadors Trade Union (SUPA).


Rates of Injury, Occupational Diseases, Lost Days and Absenteeism, and Total Number of Work-Related Fatalities, by Regions and by Gender

Mosaic follows U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards to calculate recordable injury frequency rates (RIFR) on a global basis. An OSHA recordable injury is an occupational injury or illness that requires medical treatment that is more than simple first aid. Mosaic includes illness in its injury rates. Lost day frequency rate (LDFR) calculates the frequency rate of calendar days lost.

Five Mosaic operations have received ISO14001 Environmental Management System (EMS) and ISO18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS) certification. We aim to complete implementation company-wide by 2015. These management systems will better facilitate company-wide analysis and decision-making.

Recordable Injury Frequency Rate (RIFR) FY2012
Employee Contractor Total
U.S. 1.33 1.07 1.23
Canada 2.05 1.79 1.90
International 0.13 0.09 0.12
Total 1.31 1.23 1.27
Lost Day Frequency Rate (LDFR) FY2012
Employee Contractor Total Mosaic
U.S. 2.82 0.13 1.77
Canada 4.96 0.65 2.50
International 0.00 0.00 0.00
Total 2.89 0.33 1.72
Injury count by Gender FY2012
Male Female
U.S. 55 5
Canada 43 3


Education, Training, Counseling, Prevention and Risk-Control Programs in Place to Assist Workforce Members and Their Families or Community Members Regarding Serious Diseases

Mosaic promotes the well-being of employees through a variety of programs. Programs exist on health-related issues such as diabetes, cancer, heart disease, HIV/AIDS and physical fitness. Where possible, we partner with our health care providers, who provide education on health-related issues.

Measures to limit exposure and transmission of disease among workers are available in some locations in North America with an on-site nurse. Mosaic also has a corporate-wide pandemic preparedness policy.

Mosaic offers these assistance programs to employees in North America, Latin America and the Asia Pacific.

Assistance Pograms
Program Availability
Education and Training for Workers Yes
Education and Training for Worker Families Yes
Counseling for Workers Yes
Counseling for Worker Families Yes
Measures to Limit Exposure and Transmission of Disease Among Workers Yes
Measures to Limit Exposure and Transmission of Disease Among Families Yes
Treatment Provided to Workers Yes
Treatment Provided to Families Yes
Community Programs No


Health and Safety Topics Covered in Formal Agreements With Trade Unions

Mosaic is committed to conducting business activities in a manner that protects the health and safety of its employees, contractors, customers and communities. In addition to health and safety topics being covered in the majority of our union contracts, the relentless pursuit of an injury-free workplace is the top priority of Mosaic.

Our formal collective bargaining agreements in North America generally require a combined company and union safety committee. The collective bargaining agreements cover OSHA/MSHA regulations as they relate to our industry, including personal protective equipment, initial and refresher training for OSHA/MSHA regulations, and safety inspections by our joint committee. Mosaic abides by all laws, and our policies also specify that no employee will be required to work in any place that endangers the employee's life or health. Mosaic's management reviews any recommendations from the joint safety committees and implements changes, as appropriate.

Training and Education


Average Hours of Training per Year per Employee, by Gender and by Employee Category

Mosaic does not track employee training and education specifically by employee category or gender.

Training and Education
Course Title Time
Growing U 17,358 hours
Topics in Business Condct and Ethics 3,486 hours
Phosphates: Environment and Safety 74,779 hours
Potash: Environment and Safety 200,424 hours
Argentina and Chile: Environment and Safety 66,432 hours
China: Environment and Safety 1,858 hours
India: Environment and Safety 190 hours
Notes: All Growing U numbers are for salaried employees.
Topics in Business Conduct and Ethics reflect only online training hours and does not include in-person training sessions.


Programs for Skills Management and Lifelong Learning That Support the Continued Employability of Employees and Assist Them in Managing Career Endings

In North America, all levels of employees, both hourly and salaried, are eligible for education reimbursement, provided they are active, regular and benefit eligible employees, as defined by the policy. We also offer education reimbursement in all our other countries, including Brazil, Argentina, Chile, China and India. In addition, Mosaic offers retirement planning and severance pay in its North America, Latin America and Asia/Pacific regions, with the following exceptions: retirement planning is not available in Argentina and Chile; retraining program is not available in Brazil; job placement services are not available in Brazil except for executives; and severance pay is not available in Brazil and India.


Percentage of Employees Receiving Regular Performance and Career Development Reviews, by Gender

Employee Performance Reviews 2011
Male Female
Full Time Salaried Population 2411 899
Performance Reviews Given 2223 852
% of Reviews Received 92.20% 94.77%

As part of our strategic priority of Investing in People, we have a performance management process called EDGE — Evaluating, Developing and Growing Excellence. Our performance management process has evolved to include scaled competencies, goal alignment and an emphasis on employee and career development.

Diversity and Equal Opportunity


Composition of Governance Bodies and Breakdown of Employees per Category According to Gender, Age Group, Minority Group Membership, etc.

Ethnicity by Gender 2011
Male Female
Total % Total %
White 2723 71.8% 483 71.1%
Black/African American 596 15.7% 141 20.8%
Native Hawaiin or Pacific Islander 4 0.1% 1 0.1%
Asian 36 0.9% 10 1.5%
American Indian or Alaskan Native 25 0.7% 3 0.4%
Two or more races 9 0.2% 2 0.3%
Hispanic or Latino 392 10.3% 39 5.7%
Note: Mosaic tracks ethnicity only in the U.S. Diversity indicators include White, Black/African American, Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander, Asian, American Indian or Alaskan Native, Two or more races, Hispanic or Latino.
Global by Age/Gender 2011
<30 30-50 >50 Total Employees
Male 918 13.7% 3077 45.9% 2709 40.4% 6704
Female 222 17.9% 655 52.7% 366 29.4% 1243
Global Employees by Position/Gender 2011
SLT Strat Lead Prof Supp Technical Admin
Male 8 102 649 1287 334 155 0
Female 1 26 185 378 313 10 1
U.S. Minorities Using EEO Data July 2011 0 6 54 128 62 7 1
Skilled Craft Operatives Laborers Service NG Misc
Male 950 1291 93 0 1828 7
Female 19 102 17 0 153 38
U.S. Minorities Using EEO Data July 2011 264 595 65 0 0 0