The Mosaic Company Recognizes Amarpreet Singh, Ph.D., with The Mosaic Company Foundation Award for Outstanding Doctoral Research in Plant Nutrition
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The Mosaic Company Recognizes Amarpreet Singh, Ph.D., with The Mosaic Company Foundation Award for Outstanding Doctoral Research in Plant Nutrition

February 23, 2015   |   ShareThis

This award recognizes researchers who contribute scientific innovation to the field of plant nutrition and dedication to promoting balanced crop nutrition

The Mosaic Company presented Amarpreet Singh, Ph.D., with its first annual The Mosaic Company Foundation Award for Outstanding Doctoral Research in the area of Plant Nutrition 2014-2015. This competitive award recognizes, incentivizes and honors doctoral students of truly exceptional ability and originality of thought for their contribution to the field of plant nutrition. Singh received a certificate, gold medal and blazer with a monetary award of INR 150,000 ($2,400 USD) during a ceremony on Saturday, February 21, 2015 at the S M Sehgal Foundation in Gurgaon, India.

"Being selected for this prestigious award is an immense honor. As I finish my doctorate and begin my career, I am now more confident and encouraged to pursue a greater magnitude of research that will benefit society,” said Singh. “This new Mosaic award is valuable to all of us because it elevates the important role of researchers in improving plant health, as well as human and animal nutrition. This will help further motivate students across India to raise the quality of their research to international standards, and strive for excellence in their future work.”

Singh was selected by an independent award jury for The Mosaic Company Foundation Award in January 2015. His research study titled, “Effect of Summer Green Manuring Crops and Zinc Fertilizer Sources on Productivity and Quality of Aromatic Rice (Oryza sativa L.) - Durum Wheat (Triticum durum Desf.) Cropping System,” demonstrated the superiority of sesbania aculeata (dhaincha) residue incorporation and EDTA-chelated Zn application in Basmati rice in terms of growth, yield attributes and productivity as well as quality of Basmati rice. Read more information about the award process.

Singh currently works as a scientist at the Central Research Institute for Jute and Allied Fibers, Kolkata, West Bengal. He holds a Master of Science degree in soil science from Punjab Agricultural University, and a doctorate degree in agronomy from the Indian Agricultural Research Institute. Singh has earned numerous recognition for his academic excellence, including a gold medal for outstanding academic performance, a junior research fellowship during his master’s, and a senior research fellowship during his doctorate.

“Dr. Singh represents the ideal first receiver of The Mosaic Company Foundation Award, setting a precedent for future recipients. His contribution to plant nutrition research will benefit many in the agriculture industry,” said Rick McLellan, Senior Vice President of Commercial for The Mosaic Company, and member of The Mosaic Company Foundation board of directors. “We are proud to recognize Dr. Singh and his contributions in promoting balanced crop nutrition.”

The award ceremony was attended by members in the scientific agricultural community, including chief guest A.K. Sikka, Ph.D., Deputy Director General of the Indian Council of Agricultural Research. The special address was delivered by J.C. Katyal, Ph.D., former Vice Chancellor of Haryana Agricultural University. McLellan presented the keynote address.

“We must continue to join academia, industry and farmers to take agricultural innovation and productivity to the next level,” said Naveen Chahal, Country Manager of India for The Mosaic Company. “As we present this award, we are pleased to honor the vital contributions that Dr. Singh and our country’s scientific community make to improving how farmers manage soil fertility, use resources efficiently, increase yields and feed more people.”

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