Dry Granular Fertilizer

Mosaic Helps the World Grow the Food it Needs

October 13, 2021

As the world’s population continues to expand, agricultural production must increase by 70% by 2050 in order to meet demand. Without enough land available for expansion, 90% of that supply will have to come from land already in use. 

Sustainable farming practices and innovative growing solutions are just two ways to help achieve increased production. Up to 60% of yield depends on fertilizer for proper crop nutrition. Today, Mosaic is answering the tough question – Can we advance crop nutrition by maximizing balanced nutrition and incorporating other soil health products? Recent partnerships and continued research will help make sure Mosaic is at the forefront of new product development so growers can meet increasing demands. Growers can learn more about how to achieve advanced crop nutrition by downloading the Mosaic Soil Health e-book.

Customers rely on Mosaic to provide high quality products that consistently deliver. That means we conduct significant research to ensure reliability. Not only do we adhere to strict operational protocols, but Mosaic is dedicated to promoting innovation in the agriculture industry. Recently, we announced partnerships for new product development that will complement Mosaic’s core performance products. Balanced crop nutrition is important, but plants must have access to the highest level of nutrients available. Fertilizer is critical in achieving advanced crop nutrition for the health of the soil, crop, and eventually the human population. 

We also know that without significant resources like healthy soil, water and proper irrigation, and agronomic education; farmers can’t feed their communities. In addition, improper fertilizer application causes environmental challenges in North America and around the world. Mosaic knows it is our responsibility to act where we can— in the communities where we live and operate.  

That is why our sustainability work is integral to how we do business. Focusing on four key areas: People, Society, Environment, and Company; our 2025 Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Performance Targets drive progress on the issues that are most important to Mosaic and our diverse stakeholders. We are already making progress on these goals – like keeping the safety of our employees as the top priority every day, expanding important community work like The Villages in India, and protecting our vital water resources.  

This Global Fertilizer Day we celebrate the farmers who help feed the world, our employees who are dedicated to responsible production, and important partnerships that ensure we are meeting demand, sustainably.