Lana Biley

Lana Bily


What’s the best part of the work you do?
I enjoy the mix of underground field and office work. I think it is neat to be able to perform surveys at all the working faces in the mine, come back to the office to transfer the data collected into our CAD programs, and then map the development of the mine. I have always loved math and maps. The use of traditional survey skills combined with the advancements in technology make our day to day very interesting and the pace makes each day fly by. 

Our team is an interesting transitional group because we get to see what we have accomplished and what is planned for our future. I feel a sense of accomplishment and pride for the work that we do.

How does Mosaic’s commitment to safety play into your day?
I know that Mosaic takes the safety of its employees very seriously. I have family, friends and neighbors that also work at Mosaic, so when leadership reiterates how important it is that each employee returns home to their families – for me they are one in the same. We have the personal protective equipment (PPE), tools, training and support we need to perform our jobs safely. Worker health and wellness are very personal to me and I’m so glad that Mosaic takes it just as seriously.  

How is Mosaic enabling technology and encouraging innovation in your daily work?
Encouraging new ideas to use technology and procedures for improving efficiency, accuracy and repeatability is an important part of the culture at Mosaic. My department is small and very specific, but the innovation in software and survey equipment has made huge advancements in the work we do. Automation and digital tools are being implemented into our day to day routines to help make work safer and more efficient, while increasing accuracy. Remote data collection can be made, and in some cases, automatically monitored in real-time. The actual practice of mining is changing with new automation and technology advancements that improve the efficiency of production, but they also help in worker safety and risk reduction. We can analyze data from 3D survey data collection that allows us to better steer and forecast the direction of mining.

Lana has worked at Mosaic in Esterhazy, Canada for more than seven years and is currently working at the new K3 site. As a mine technician, Lana performs field work, collects data, then prepares plans and reports for three main areas: surveying, ventilation and rock mechanics.