Bintou Kaira

Bintou Kaira


How was your co-op experience with Mosaic? 
My time at Mosaic was unforgettable and really changed my mind on what I potentially wanted to do as a career. My first co-op term was at Belle Plaine. It was nice to be introduced to some of the concepts of chemical engineering that I hadn’t studied yet, specifically pump sizing, limitations with heat exchange limitation design, and in-depth analysis. I had really good mentorship too. Everyone I met there was eager to teach and very supportive. The experience was so fulfilling that I applied for another work term, which Mosaic selected me for again. This term was at Esterhazy working with the process engineering team. Process engineering entails the whole process from the underground ore and processing it into the final potash product sizes and compositions. I was able to apply things I was learning in the classroom directly in the field, like creating a sampling plan to spec cyclones and then executing it. Once again, everyone I worked with was great. It really speaks to the culture of Mosaic that no matter what site I work at, I am met with great people who are eager to teach and support each other to learn. 

I am grateful that leadership has seen the value of my work throughout my experiences at Mosaic. The fact that they continue to give me added responsibility and opportunities for advancement really shows that they want me to build a career at Mosaic. I don’t take that for granted. My supervisors have provided me with the skills I don’t know, and most essentially, feedback and coaching when you get things right or wrong. When you are learning, you are going to get things wrong, but helping to understand why and creating an environment to learn is priceless.

What does “responsibility” look like at Mosaic?
It is important for everyone, whether a business or an individual, to strive to do better when it comes to being considerate citizens. Whatever we knew 20 or 30 years ago might have changed because we have more experience or more research on a topic. I appreciate that Mosaic is constantly evaluating where they stand and what efforts need to be made, like with the implementation of our environmental, social, and governance targets. Diversity and inclusion is something that is dear to my heart. As a black woman working in the mining industry, women aren’t as a common. However, the younger engineering cohort is gender diverse. It’s been very good to see that Mosaic is making active steps to make its workforce representative of the communities they operate in. It makes sense too, studies have shown difficult problems are solved by diverse perspectives. I also appreciate that Mosaic works hard at creating actionable ways to improve. It is great to be a part of a company where the right things are being done.

How does working at Mosaic align with your personal passions or beliefs?
One of the reasons I decided to apply to Mosaic after my co-op work terms is because of our mission (to help the world grow the food it needs). I wake up every day and know that I’m doing my part, oftentimes that just means showing up and doing my job well. I was born in Gambia, Africa, which is a developing country, so I haven’t just heard of food insecurity, I’ve seen it. I have seen how having sufficient food makes a difference for people and their communities. I recognize the privilege I have in making the world better and I’m proud of the work we do. I’m also proud that Mosaic recognizes its impact and gives back to the communities where they operate to help organizations financially that are working toward ending food insecurity. 

If you could give advice to someone looking to work at Mosaic, what would it be? 
You can come to Mosaic as you are and you will be valued. You will be appreciated and supported to reach your full potential. 

Bintou first joined Mosaic as part of the co-op program in 2015. She has since become a full-time employee as part of the K1 Surface Team.