Natali Archibee

Natali Archibee


Who has been the most influential in helping to grow your career at Mosaic?
I have been influenced by so many people in my 7+ years at Mosaic. I’ve worked alongside some amazing women – peers and leaders whom I admire – who are really contributing to Mosaic’s success. I’ve learned from them how to communicate and strategize and persist despite the constraints that come our way. And my first boss, Neil Beckingham, helped me find my footing in sustainability. It is thanks to him that I am so optimistic about the many ways Mosaic can improve performance and contribute positively to society. 

What’s the best part of the work you do?
Hands down, the best part about the work I do is having the benefit of a broad, global view of issues affecting Mosaic and our diverse stakeholders. It is such a gift to have perspective of seeing what a company like Mosaic can do to make a difference. We are a fertilizer company, yes, and in a lot of ways our success is measured by our production of tonnes that are sold to customers in 40 countries around the globe, but we are more than that: we have a tangible impact on global food security; we contribute to the vitality of the communities where we have operations; we are good stewards of resources; we share agronomic best practices; and we safely employ +12,000 people around the world. Our mission and our work are critically important, and I am reminded of that in my daily interactions with our stakeholders. 

What does environmental, social, and governance mean to Mosaic?
Mosaic’s ESG targets were carefully and purposefully developed to achieve goals that make a positive impact on our employees, communities, environment, and the company. ESG may not be included in financial analysis, but they are factors that have a financial impact on our performance. When you think of ESG in those terms, it is easy to see why we should manage our greenhouse gas emissions; reduce our water use; address the wellbeing and engagement of our workforce; grow our diversity and inclusion; and contribute to the prosperity of our customers and the growers who use our products. All of these things have an impact on Mosaic’s ability to thrive as a company in the long-term.

Why is being responsible important to Mosaic?
Mosaic has earned recognition for its sustainability efforts for more than ten years, but our work is not done. Beyond the regulations, beyond what we “have to do” and beyond the ways we have performed in the past, are a set of expectations for how we conduct ourselves moving forward. Stakeholders ranging from employees and community members to NGOs and investors are relying on us to contribute positively to society and be responsible every day, at every step of the process. 

How does Mosaic show it values you and your work?
I feel valued at Mosaic because the company takes my safety seriously. I am empowered to make decisions and I am respected in my interactions with colleagues and leaders. 

Natali has worked at Mosaic since 2013 as a sustainability analyst. Currently, she is the Sustainability Manager, leading our sustainability reporting efforts and ESG strategy development.