2021 Mosaic Shared Services

Global Approach to Local Solutions

January 13, 2022

A pillar of Mosaic’s strategic priorities is to continue to improve aspects of the business we can control for organizational growth. Market’s ebb and flow, but there are always elements we can manage to help drive functional collaboration and efficiency across the organization that help to secure our future is strong.  

With the acquisition of Vale Fertilizantes in 2018, Mosaic’s business in South America became more complex. There was an immediate need to create consistency and standardization of the most common administrative and transactional functions, so the Uberaba Brazil Shared Solutions Center was created with specific goals in mind. 

  • Standardize processes and systems 
  • Foster innovation with automation, analytics, continuous improvement, user experience — and partner to enable these capabilities within other areas 
  • Provide a stable administrative platform for business growth 
  • Improve process integration by beginning with an end-to-end mindset  
  • Elevate the customer experience—internal and external—with user-first technology 
  • Provide significant financial return to the company  

Some of these goals were achieved immediately or soon after, and others were set with a long-term goal of taking on more processes and continuing to reassess where the team could help to further streamline the business. At the time, there were processes that didn’t have formal documentation or timelines for completion, so the team was starting at the very beginning.  

The Brazil Shared Solutions Center celebrated three years since opening its doors in December 2021. Between the internal excitement around this new way of working and the local media coverage it received – the center was even recognized as one of the best shared services centers by the Brazilian Association of Shared Services (ABSC). There has always been interest and high expectations around what a shared services concept could accomplish. The teams have completely reimagined the way we work in South America which helped to propel and set the groundwork for the launch of North America Shared Services in 2020—there’s a lot the teams want to do next and there’s no slowing down in sight.   

North America Shared Services Launches 
In November 2020, North America Shared Services officially welcomed its first group of employees—Procurement Services. Over the next few months, employees from Human Resources and Finance joined the team.  

Mosaic Connect—a platform for submitting requests for these teams—launched for use by all North America. In preparation for these steps, the teams who collaborated to create the North America model used the learnings from our South America governance and launch to help customize an approach that would best serve the needs of the business, as well as our U.S. and Canada customers and suppliers.  

While the North America team is still very new, they continue to evaluate business processes that could benefit from the consistency and automation that their team can offer, which could result in additional teams or employees moving onto the team in the future.  

Just in 2021, both Shared Services teams secured an estimated cost savings of over $4 million! 

Quick Stats  


Total # of processes managed 

2021 cost savings (estimated)* 

2021 improvements/wins implemented* 

2021 improvements/win in development* 

Requests completed 

South America 






North America 







*Includes automation, system improvements and process improvements 
**not all requests are tracked in the system yet