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From mine-to-market, we are working to minimize our negative impacts and maximize the value we deliver to diverse stakeholders around the globe.

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Mosaic mines, produces and distributes millions of tonnes of high quality potash and phosphates products each year. Without fertilizers, the world’s crop yields would be cut in half, and farmers around the world look to Mosaic to help keep their soils healthy, to nourish their crops and to maximize their yields.

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Mosaic focuses on disciplined capital allocation and operational excellence to deliver strong financial performance and meaningful returns to our shareholders.


We believe in growing our business by growing our people.

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From performance fertilizers designed to provide advanced crop nutrition, to top-quality commodity offerings, our products are optimized to take advantage of today’s most advanced plant genetics, crop protection and equipment technologies.



Committed to responsibly and sustainably helping feed the world.

Bowling Green Food Pantry Opens

April 23, 2024
The Mosaic Company and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers continue the effort to fight food insecurity in Tampa Bay. On March 7
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Incident at Mosaic’s Riverview Facility

March 26, 2024
Yesterday, a brushfire occurred at our Riverview facility during routine maintenance. The fire produced observable
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